Get Refreshed and Level Up Your Mobile Legends Experience with Tic Tac

Tic Tac Philippines, in collaboration with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), kicked off its new promotion called “Get Refreshed and Win with Tic Tac,” Tic Tac is known for its iconic “gentle freshness” that allows for pockets of “mini escapes” throughout the day.

With this collaboration, Tic Tac hopes to help casual gamers maintain a positive mood, celebrate little wins and fuel fun connections with friends.

The campaign runs from October 15 until December 9, 2022.

How to win Mobile Legends Diamonds

As part of the promotion, MLBB players can get refreshed and win Mobile Legends Diamonds

with Tic Tac!

Every week, 550 participants will win 200 diamonds each, and every entry submitted each week during the campaign period will stand the chance to win the weekly grand prize of 10,000 Mobile Legends Diamonds.  

To win:

1. Purchase your preferred Tic Tac—Mint, Orange, Spearmint, Strawberry and Strawberry-

Mint mix, —for approximately Php30.00 and make sure to keep the official receipt.

2. Visit the website to upload a scan of your receipt, which serves as

your proof of purchase.

3. Provide the requested details on the website and wait for an email confirmation. You

can send multiple entries for more chances of winning!

Influencer Yskaela Fujimoto and celebrity Kristoffer Martin, who ranked Mythic, are encouraging MLBB players to join the promotion and as a bonus, are each giving away 2,500 Mobile Legends Diamonds to two winners on their Instagram pages.


Refreshing Instagram mini game

You can also get refreshed in the middle of a long school or workday with a Tic Tac mini-game on Instagram.

Take a few seconds out of your day and have fun collecting diamonds and Tic Tacs, while avoiding the game-ending bombs to achieve your personal high score!

To access the filter, look for @tictacsea and check out their fun filters! You can also access the

game through this link on your mobile

So, get refreshed and don’t miss this chance to acquire Mobile Legends Diamonds! 

This promo is only available to players based in the Philippines. For more information,


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