Netflix Philippines lowers monthly subscription cost

Starting February 21, Netflix subscribers from the Philippines will be able to enjoy the variety of movies and shows on Netflix at a much lower cost.

Users currently subscribed to the Basic Plan will now be paying monthly fees amounting to PhP 249 (from PhP 369). While subscribers under the Standard Plan can now enjoy watching their favorite shows with a monthly cost of PhP 399 (from PhP 459).

The updated prices will also be readily available to new members who are about to sign up starting February 21.

As for existing members, the update will roll out over the coming weeks from their next billing cycle and will be notified by email and within the Netflix app.

Mobile Plan and Premium Plan holders will still retain their same monthly subscription cost– PhP 149 and PhP 549 per month, respectively.

Netflix has an amazing TV and film slate in the coming months, including Murder Mystery 2, Extraction 2, Heart of Stone, An Inconvenient Love, as well as recently launched titles like You S4, Your Place or Mine, Alice In Borderland 2, Glass Onion: Knives Out, Wednesday, The Witcher.

Andre Ibarle

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