Samsung Sound Tower ST50B: Powerful sound for all life's experiences

For most of us, music is an essential part of our lives. We listen to music on our daily commute, while working out, setting the mood for an occasion or sometimes to get pumped up for getting work done.

So it makes sense to invest in a well-rounded device that will allow you to experience powerful sound wherever we go.

Having that said, the Samsung Sound Tower ST50B might be what you're looking for.

Party tricks

The sound comes out of the Sound Tower ST50B through a set of bi-directional speakers. This allows sound to be heard in multiple directions making it easier to fill up the space and get music flowing and feel more immersive.

There's also the built-in LED party lights which lets the Tower do an all-out light show. This helps set the mood through dynamic lighting effects such as party, ambient, and dance modes. Choosing from various effects are done through the Samsung Sound Tower App on a mobile device.

Karaoke sessions also get a level up with a dedicated mic input and a Karaoke Mode. 

Take it with you everywhere

Designed for different use cases, the Sound Tower ST50B claims to let us enjoy unplugged entertainment for long periods of time. This is rated to last up to 18 hours of music playback.

It also has IPX5 water-resistance rating, ensuring protection against low-pressure water streams making this ideal for playing music by the poolside.

Powerful music, one device

The Sound Tower also features a range of wireless capabilities.

We can pair up to two devices with the Sound Tower simultaneously and enjoy music with the Bluetooth multi-connection feature.

You can also amplify your sound experience by connecting up to ten Sound Towers wirelessly with the Group Play feature, perfect for gatherings or even if you really want it loud.

Samsung also made it simple to connect your TV to the sound tower with its seamless wireless TV connection making it perfect for enjoying concerts and movie marathons.

For more exciting updates on Samsung TV and Sound Devices, check out and their official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Andre Ibarle

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