Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom teaser reveals release date and pre-order

The highly anticipated Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has again become the hottest topic in the gaming community with it's developer, Nintendo, releasing another teaser for the upcoming game. And this time, the teaser contained an official release date.

Like other updates to the franchise, the new teaser trailer showcased a number of elements which piqued the interest of fans of the series.

The trailer showed hints of what seems to be a similar yet darker world to Breath of the Wild. There also seems to be new ways to travel, new enemy types as well as familiar enemies from its predecessor.

In a number of scenes, the sequence also showed a noticeable focus on the Link's glove and more emphasis on vertical exploration with more aerial vehicles and flying enemies.

Finally, the teaser ended with a declaration of its release date on May 12, 2023Pre-orders have already begun for the title bearing an official price tag of US$ 69.99.

Watch the trailer here:

Andre Ibarle

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