Netflix film Kill Boksoon's trailer and poster hints on some gripping killing

When killing becomes serious business.

If you're in for some blood, thrill and a great movie, you wouldn't dare to miss Netflix' upcoming film, Kill Boksoon. 
Courtesy of Netflix

Kill Boksoon is an action-thriller-drama movie that revolves around Gil Boksoon (Jeon Do-yeon), a top-ranked contract killer who continues to build her impeccable kill record while raising her adolescent teen daughter Gil Jae-young (Kim Sia) as a single mother. Boksoon is keeping her job as a killer a secret from her daughter. Right before renewing her contract with the assassin agency 'MK' run by Cha Min-kyu (Seol Kyung-gu), she breaks her agency’s rules and consequently puts a target on her own back.

Directed by star director Byun Sung-hyun (The Merciless, Kingmaker), starring award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon (Crash Course in Romance), Sul Kyung-gu (Yaksha: Ruthless operation), Kim Si-A (The Silent Sea, Kingdom : Ashin of the North), Esom (Black Knight), Koo Kyo-hwan (D.P., Kingdom : Ashin of the North), and a special appearance by Hwang Jung-min (Narco-Saints).

Kill Boksoon launches on March 31st, only on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here:

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