Android 14 Beta 1 is now available for OnePlus 11

OnePlus has just announced that their OnePlus 11 can now access the Android 14 Beta 1 - an early build of Android 14 for developers to explore.

Link to the Beta here: Android 14 Beta Program for OnePlus 11

Only select devices from different manufacturers that are part of Android Beta Program have access to this early build.

Some of these devices include the Xiaomi 13 Pro, 13, 12T, realme GT 2 Pro, vivo X90 Pro and the Google Pixel Series among others.

It can be remembered that a photo of the OnePlus Pad and other tablets were briefly flashed during Google's presentation of Android 14 so we're expecting that Beta releases for these to also come soon.

See this link for the list of partner devices.

The core themes of Android 14 are privacy, security, performance, developer productivity and user customization.

Android 14 is expected to have its public release around Q3 of this year 2023.

Andre Ibarle

Andre is the go-to tech guy for most companions. He loves to geek out on tech old and new and has a knack for storytelling through words, capturing moments with a camera, and bringing ideas to life on screen. With years of experience in writing, photography, videography and playing Super Mario World.

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