Eroc Max Projector: Turn any wall into a screen

Set for launch in June, Eroc is proud to announce its latest innovation the Max Projector.

Boasting features that will enable users to experience movie nights like never before, like turning your wall into a 200-inch screen at 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The Eroc Max Projector's screen, stretches from 49 to 200 inches wide with a projection distance of 1.5 to 5.9 meters. It also outputs 4K Ultra HD resolution allowing for a cinematic experience much like in a theater.

The projector also allows users to adjust their screen horizontally and vertically depending on their wall without having to tilt the device itself.

It's also equipped with Dolby Audio producing crystal and real sound. Plus it also features 3000 lumens of brightness for bright viewing even at daytime. 

The Max Projector runs on ZEASN Android OS and it comes with readily installed streaming applications, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, iflix and Disney+.

Other key features of Max Projector include:
  • AI Smart Dimming
  • Electronic Focus Mode
  • 2.4/5G Dual Wi-Fi
  • Multiple Ports/HDMI
  • iOS and Android Screen Mirroring
  • Remote and mouse control
  • Bluetooth

The Max Projector will be launched on June 6 to 8, 2023.

To celebrate this launch, customers can get up to 44% discount, free shipping vouchers, cashback, 30 days easy return, and 365 days free replacement with every purchase from Eroc’s official Shopee and Lazada stores.

Andre Ibarle

Andre is the go-to tech guy for most companions. He loves to geek out on tech old and new and has a knack for storytelling through words, capturing moments with a camera, and bringing ideas to life on screen. With years of experience in writing, photography, videography and playing Super Mario World.

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