Infinix Note 30 Series w/ All-Round FastCharge may come later this month

The Infinix Note 30 Series is said to come soon with their All-Round FastCharge tech supporting up to 260W charging speeds and up to 110W for wireless.

According to GSMArena's sources the series may not reach the full supported wattage in order to sustain the price target of USD 300 or PhP 16K to 17K but it will still support rapid wireless charging.

All-Round FastCharge would also feature bypass charging which runs the phone on direct electricity coming from the charger by passing the battery once it's fully charged. Along with this, it would also focus on battery health and longevity by keeping system temperatures low plus support for intelligent night charging.

Models that are expected to come soon from the series include the Infinix Note 30 Pro, Note 30 VIP, Note 30 5G as well as a Note 30 4G variant. 

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Source: GSMArena

Andre Ibarle

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