POCO to keep low prices with beefier specs

POCO has seen great success in pushing extreme performing smartphones at amazing prices and it seems like the brand would be keeping their prices around the range they're competing in for the forseeable future.

During the launch of the POCO F5 Series, we were able to get up close for an exclusive interview with POCO's Global Head of Product Marketing Angus Ng, and one of our colleagues from the media asked if they ever see the brand compete at higher priced line of smartphones.


“I can say it’s not part of our plans at all. We’ve never discussed it.” Ng said.
“I think we are not ready or would ever be to kind of enter the space where we want to push out super premium phones. We want to establish our brand to be more down-to-earth and kind of be close to our users and be always listening.”

“We're a bunch of curators of technology and they’re innovators (other brands). And we’ll stand by that and we’re okay with it. We’re okay not to be the first but we want to be the one who chooses right", Ng added.


Exclusive interview with Xiaomi PH Head of Marketing Tomi Adrias (Left) and POCO Global Head of Product Marketing Angus Ng (Middle)

Looking at the choices POCO went with on their new F5 Series like top class processors, better displays, faster charging at prices that go as low as PhP 20,999 (370 USD) for the POCO F5, represents the well picked feature-set that Angus Ng conveys.

And to compete in the higher priced segment would be going against the brands identity of bringing the best specs at prices the consumers can afford.

Angus Ng - Head of Product Marketing, POCO Global

What's next for POCO

Seeing that display technology has been getting more affordable, Ng also shared that the brand currently focuses equipping their devices with better displays as seen with the WQHD+ 120Hz AMOLED DotDisplay on the POCO F5 Pro.

Being exclusively available online, heading towards this focus might prove to be a challenge that POCO faces as showcasing displays to their customers do require a more experiential approach. 

As of now, the brand heavily rely on tech reviews to bring word to consumers about what their devices offer but being a sub-brand of Xiaomi, the possibility of being seen in Xiaomi stores is not out of the question.

Steadily keeping their number one spot through online purchases, with the reception of the audience to the new F5 Series, we wont be surprised to see the brand grow even more in the country.

See here for more information about the newly released POCO F5 Series.


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