KPMG to hold Innovation Summit 2023 on Smart Cities, Tech Disruptors and AI

Technology plays a vital role in our modern society and along with the convenience it brings, there are inevitable challenges that come with it. At the KPMG Innovation Summit 2023, we might just witness the answers to some of these questions.
Set to be held on July 20, 2023 at Fairmont Makati and for Free on live stream, this year's Summit is themed MAKING IT HAPPEN: From Innovative Ideas to Execution.
Two events are said to take place in the first leg: The KPMG Global Technology Innovator competition and KPMG in the Philippines' new Digital Government Center.
For this year, the Summit will have the physical attendance of business leaders, technology experts as well as Quezon City Mayor Hon. Joy Belmonte who will share her own aspirations to digitization in the political landscape.

Smart Cities and Digital Government

The summit will have a great focus on discussions about Smart Cities and some of the highlights surrounding this topic would include sustainable development, smart infrastructure, renewable energy, autonomous transportation, advanced healthcare services and increase citizen participation to name a few.

Smart Cities Panelists and Moderator

Industry Disruptors : Game-changers in Tech

Another thought provoking topic that would be discussed in the summit would be Industry Disruptors: Game-changers in Tech.

The panel will traverse the game-changing innovations and technologies that are upending traditional industries and the challenges and opportunities that all come with being a disruptor.

Delve into the strategies and mindsets behind some of the most successful disruptors in business today.

ESG TECH: Inclusion and Driving Impact through Tech

Tech's important role in enabling Environmental, Social and Governance adoption is also set to be discussed in the summit. How it would help make it easier for businesses to embed ESG models into their operations and solutions to address ESG issues are topics set to be explored in this forum.

ESG Tech Panelists and Moderator

Thinking Beyond: The next wave of automation 

The next wave of automation is said to revolutionize industries and transform the way people work; however, it also presents challenges in the aspects of job displacement and the need to upskill the workforce.

Gain insight from industry experts on how to take advantage of automation with the evolution of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics in various industries and processes.

KPMG Global Tech Innovator Competition

KPMG Philippines is also hosting its search for the country's tech start-up to represent the Philippines at the KPMG Global Tech Innovator Competition in Lisbon, Portugal.

Going head-to-head with tech start-ups from 26 countries around the globe, the country’s winner has the opportunity to elevate their tech goals and take the fulfillment of their vision to greater heights.

Prior to the presentation of the finalists’ businesses pitches and ideas, they will be mentored by industry titans to help them prepare for the competition.

The winner may get the chance to secure funding from investors and will enjoy the brand exposure and prestige that comes with the competition.

Join the forum

Learn from these great minds and join the KPMG Innovation Summit 2023 by registering through this link for free or scan the QR Code below.

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