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If you’re like me, you probably enjoy creating content using your smartphone. Whether it’s for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other platform, your phone is a powerful and convenient tool for capturing videos and photos.

But there’s one thing that always bothered me about using my phone for content creation: the audio quality.

The smartphone’s built-in microphone sounds muffled, noisy, and distant. And I don’t want to invest in an expensive external microphone that would add bulk and hassle to my setup.

Then I discovered the 7Ryms Rimo S1, a wireless lavalier microphone that plugs straight to your phone either through USB-C or the lightning port if you’re using an iPhone.

And the best part is, it only costs less than PhP 2,000 ($36 USD).

The Rimo S1

The Rimo S1 is a wireless lavalier microphone system that consists of a wireless receiver, two mic transmitters, a charging case, and a USB-C cable. It’s designed to work with any smartphone, and it doesn’t require any app or software to use.

7Ryms Rimo S1 package

Compact and portable

The charging case is about the size of my wireless earbuds, and it can store everything inside for easy transport. I always have it in my bag whenever I go out because I never know when inspiration strikes and I want to film something.

Rimo S1 Charging case with OPPO Enco Air2 Pro

The charging case serves as a power bank for the mics and the receiver. It can provide up to 16 hours of total battery life, which is more than enough for my needs. There’s also a battery percentage indicator that lights up when the mics are being charged.

Rimo S1 Charging LED display

Plug and Play

Using the Rimo S1 is very simple and straightforward. Just plug the receiver into your phone’s port, turn on the mic transmitter, and start recording. The receiver will automatically detect and pair with the mic, and you’ll see an LED power indicator on both devices.

Rimo S1 mic transmitter

You can use any app that supports external audio sources, such as the built-in camera app or a third-party app like OpenCamera. The Rimo S1 will deliver clear and crisp audio directly to your phone without any latency or sync issues.

You can also use two mics at the same time if you want to record two people talking, such as in an interview or a dialogue scene.

If you’re worried about your phone running out of battery while recording, the receiver has its own USB-C port that allows you to charge your phone while using the mic. This way, you won’t miss any important moments due to low battery.

7Ryms Rimo S1 Transmitter and receiver

Sound quality

Lavalier mics don't really have the best sound quality. And the Rimo S1 doesn't really stand out in terms of the sound it can produce.

There's not much low end and it has the tendency to build up on its mid frequencies which may make it sound nasal.

But for these types of microphones what really matters is the ability to capture and isolate the audio of its source by being as close as it can get. And for that, the Rimo S1 gets the job done.

It captures my voice clearly and naturally, with minimal background noise. It also isolates my voice from the environment, making it easier to hear and understand.

Watch our video review using the 7RYMS Rimo S1 here:

The Rimo S1 also has a denoise feature that can be activated by pressing the button on the mic once. However, I don’t recommend using it because it can cause some phasing issues and make your voice sound unnatural. Instead, I suggest using your video editing software to remove any unwanted noise from your audio.


The 7Ryms Rimo S1 is a great wireless microphone for smartphone recording. It’s easy to use, affordable, and delivers decent quality audio. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to improve their audio quality without spending too much money or carrying too much gear.

As of this writing, the Rimo S1 retails for PhP 1,809 on their official Lazada store.

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