ROG Flow X13 2023 Review: A tiny beast

Achieving the performance of a desktop computer in a laptop form factor is not an easy task. ROG goes beyond this challenge by creating an ultra-portable gaming laptop that fits in a 13-inch chassis: the ROG Flow X13 2023.

This laptop is powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS CPU, 16 GB DDR5 RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and the Nvidia RTX 4050 GPU.

With these specs, we can expect a high level of performance from this device. But that's not where it all ends. This laptop has plenty of tricks up its sleeves.

This packs the new ROG Nebula display, graphics expansion capability with the ROG XG Mobile and many more.

But who is this device for exactly? Well, that's your sign to head on to our review of the ROG Flow X13 2023 and find out.


Andre Ibarle

Andre is the go-to tech guy for most companions. He loves to geek out on tech old and new and has a knack for storytelling through words, capturing moments with a camera, and bringing ideas to life on screen. With years of experience in writing, photography, videography and playing Super Mario World.

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