FOMO because you lack cash? This Motorcycle loan can get you cash in a flash

It’s not uncommon for a lot of us to need quick cash for different situations. There are times when even having readily available funds would still not be enough for something urgent, important or unexpected.

Living in a country where a lot of people use motorcycles for transportation, our two-wheeled vehicle is actually something that we can utilize for this purpose.

FYI, with M Lhuillier’s Motorcycle Loan service, you can get that quick cash you need.

Cash in a flash for your wants and needs

Getting a loan may not be something that some people would consider when in need of cash but there are actually a lot of situations where this might be the choice to go for.

  • Closing an urgent deal - Some deals just can’t wait. There are even instances when you have to compete with other people on some of these ventures. So to not miss that opportunity, having that quick access to money may just be the solution.
  • A capital for a small business - Wanting to start that business but don’t have the means to make it happen? YOLO so it’s time to get that cash flow you need through a loan so you can make your business venture a reality.
  • Cover day-to-day expenses - Let’s face it; sometimes we think we already have our daily needs covered but due to changes in plans and priorities, we run short of money. With a loan, we can always make sure we have enough to spend every day.
  • Emergencies - There are times where an emergency just takes us by surprise. It could be to pay for an unexpected repair or an accident. A quick cash loan is definitely a handy option to have when the need arises.

Requirements: Just a Few Turns Away!

Intimidating may probably be the word that best describes the feeling many of us would experience when thinking about getting a loan. But with M Lhuillier’s Motorcycle Loan, it’s actually a lot simpler than what most of us think.

With just the following, you’re all set to get your cash loan:

  • Two valid IDs
  • Your motorcycle (with standard plate number)
  • The official receipt (OR) and certificate of registration (CR) of your motorcycle
  • Keys of your vehicle

All you need to do is present your motorcycle with a standard plate number, the vehicle keys, the original official receipt (OR) and certificate of registration (CR), and two valid IDs. You can get your cash and pawn ticket upon approval.

All VisMin M Lhuillier branches accept motorcycles for collateral but a list of branches where this service is available in LNCR is accessible on their website at the FAQ section.

Apply and pay with ease

Say goodbye to lengthy processes and hello to the fast lane of online applications and payments. M Lhuillier offers two payment options: Online via the ML Wallet App or at or over-the-counter at any ML Branch nationwide.

Loan with confidence with M Lhuillier

M Lhullier is a trusted financial services provider that already provides money remittance, bills payments, and insurance. With all these, you’re sure that it’s also worry-free and hassle-free when grabbing that choice to get a motorcycle loan. 

So rev up your engines, secure your helmet, and apply for M Lhuillier’s Motorcycle Loan today. For more details, check out the M Lhuiller’s Motorcycle Loan. Let your journey to financial freedom begin!

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