realme announces rebranding, unveils new slogan

realme has announced that they will undergo a rebranding in 2024 with a new mission, brand identity, and vision. According to an open letter from realme Founder and CEO, Sky Li, the brand will transition from being “opportunity-oriented” to being “brand-oriented”.

To mark this change, the brand unveiled their new slogan “Make it real.”

A tech brand that BETTER understands young users

realme has gained insights providing the needs and preferences of the young generation, which has helped the brand attract over 200 million users worldwide.

The brand now says that it is ready to move beyond a trendy-based strategy and embrace a more inclusive and expansive one - to be a tech brand that better understands young users.

In the next 5 years, the brand will put more emphasis on brand experience and product experience, aiming to surpass young users’ expectations. Starting from the impossible and setting the bar higher to make it possible, realme is eager to explore new possibilities and achieve breakthroughs to realize its ambitions.

realme also explained the shift in positioning of its three product lines. The GT Series will be the “Next-level Performance Flagship”, the Number Series will be the “Next-gen Imaging”, and the C Series will be the “Essential Plus”.

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