vivo V Series gets ZEISS Optics with upcoming V30 Pro

Renowned smartphone brand vivo and optics pioneer ZEISS have collaborated to bring cutting-edge optical technology to the V Series smartphones.

The upcoming V30 Pro has been announced to integrate ZEISS's state-of-the-art optical system, as the brands mark a new era in mobile imaging.

Since 2020, vivo and ZEISS have partnered globally to enhance mobile imaging, initially seen in the X Series. Now, the V30 Pro will be the first V Series phone to feature ZEISS's advanced technology.

It will showcase a triple main camera system that promises to deliver superior color, contrast, sharpness, and depth. Whether capturing landscapes, portraits, or selfies, the vivo V30 Pro promises to impress users with its stunning performance.

The vivo V30 Pro is set to launch soon, as it sets to revolutionize mobile photography, especially in portrait capture.

Stay tuned in on vivo's official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages for updates on the unveiling of the V30 Pro, promising a groundbreaking photographic experience.

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Andre Ibarle

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