ZTE showcases new telecom tech at ZTE Day Philippines 2024

ZTE Corporation concluded its ZTE Day exhibition themed 'Unfolding the Intelligent Future,' showcasing a range of ICT products including 5G wireless, transmission, fixed networks, and terminals.

Mr. Huang Lisheng, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, delivers his opening speech at ZTE Day Philippines 2024, held at Shangri-La The Fort in Manila.

Mr. Huang Lisheng, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, emphasized in his opening speech,  ZTE's continued collaboration with Philippine operators, focusing on ICT infrastructure construction and expanding the application scenarios of digital intelligence. Mr. Lisheng reiterated ZTE's commitment to bringing a superior network experience to users.

Mr. Lisheng also conveyed to its telco partners that ZTE will continue “to make high-intensity research and development investments in the ‘connectivity and computing power’ technology, continuously innovating toward underlying core technologies and maintaining leading competitiveness in key products.”

ZTE Day featured sessions on global technology trends, including RAN superior efficiency, terabit era transport networks, FTTx evolution, extensive computing infrastructure, green site and green energy, intelligent modular data centers, and new smart home solutions.

ZTE exhibited its latest technologies and solutions tailored to the needs of DITO and expressed increased support to boost both telcos' brand value.

Mr. Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of DITO Telecommunity, delivers his keynote speech at the ZTE Day Philippines 2024, held at Shangri-La The Fort in Manila, emphasizing the milestones of ZTE and DITO Telecom's partnership.

Mr. Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of DITO Telecommunity expressed gratitude for the network’s recent milestone as the number one mobile network,  mentioning that its collaborative efforts with ZTE contributed to the recognition that the network has received in the past year.

DITO Telecommunity plans to continue its goal to shape the future of intelligence and  connectivity to converge and revolutionize how Filipinos live, work and interact, and this can be done through collaboration with ZTE Philippines’ cutting-edge solution technologies.

According to Santiago, “working hand in hand, we can leverage the latest technical advancements to deliver smooth connectivity to our subscribers. Looking ahead, the opportunities for collaboration between DITO and ZTE are boundless.”

The network also expressed continued collaboration with ZTE in building a network where “every individual, regardless of their location or background can have access to seamless and intelligent connectivity” that will help enrich lives and empower them in this digital age.

With a steadfast focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, ZTE is committed to shaping the future of telecommunications through advanced technologies, strategic partnerships, and exceptional service. By strengthening its collaboration with DITO, ZTE is poised to explore new technologies and solutions, enhancing the digital life experience for the people of the Philippines.

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