OnePlus teases about mechanical keyboard and AR Wearable Designs

OnePlus has always looked to its users as its true guide, listening to and respecting the users’ thoughts when bringing new products to the market.

Committing to work with its global users, they have fostered an open community where the brand and users mutually support each other, engage in discourse, and share knowledge.

In the past, users have participated in the process of R&D, design, and refinement, while their feedback allows OnePlus to continuously improve its products.

Successful examples of these co-creation brand projects include the co-designed water bottles and silver jackets, and now they're venturing into AR wearables and mechanical keyboard.

AR Wearables Design Contest winner co-creates design prototype

Exciting the community, OnePlus held the first OnePlus AR Wearables Design Contest, which garnered the interest of 50,000 users in two weeks.

In a pre-selection and nomination from professional designers and product managers, followed by voting from community users, OnePlus community user @Concept Central won the first prize and got the chance to co-create a non-functioning prototype together with Industrial Designers and AR experts from OPPO Research Institute.

OnePlus mechanical keyboard

This December, OnePlus launched OnePlus Featuring - a brand-new platform that has been launched gradually across the global market to aid its co-creation journey.

The first product of OnePlus Featuring will be a customizable mechanical keyboard that they have designed in collaboration with Keychron.

This keyboard will come with a double gasket mount design, which will make typing an 
enjoyable motion you can go through every day, whether working or gaming.

It will also feature an Aluminum Body which ensures the quality and premium texture of the keyboard.

Made through CNC aluminum manufacturing, this guarantees the best hand feeling as cool as a crafted aerolite touch and provides weight and durability for long-term usage and stabilization.

The keyboard will be compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux and will suit all major working requirements for a keyboard.

It will also support hot-swappable and open-source firmware for easy change of switches by users themselves.

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