Urbandub and Manila Symphony Orchestra fuses for the OnePlus 11 launch

The night of OnePlus 11's launch in the country is definitely one for the books for the Philippine tech industry and music lovers alike.

In a unique event at the MayBank Performing Arts Theater at BGC Taguig, two distinct disciplines of music - rock band Urbandub and musical ensemble Manila Symphony Orchestra conducted by music legend Mel Villena, had fused to shape a musical feast that made the audience want to stand up and jive with every line and tune.  

The performance began with a classical piece by the Manila Symphony Orchestra followed by the groups combined in performing popular songs by Urbandub. 

Urbandub bassist Lalay Lim-Geronimo

The acclaimed rock band legend along with the orchestra's accompaniment definitely brought the house down with their hit songs "The Fight is Over", "First of Summer", "Evidence", "Guillotine", "Soul Searching", "A New Tattoo" and "Endless, A Silent Whisper". 

Cheers grew even wilder when in a surprising display of enjoyment, the Symphony had got up with their instruments as they rocked to their music.

Gabby Alipe and Mel Villena back-to-back

A truly entertainment-filled night that emphasized how these musical powerhouses fusing together encapsulates the theme #ShapeOfPower of the newly launched OnePlus device.

Read about the new OnePlus 11 here: OnePlus 11 unveiled in the Philippines

Andre Ibarle

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