Liza Soberano levels up as Chief Advocacy Officer at Maya

 “There’s so much more I can do. I wanna give the people Liza like they’ve never seen Liza before.” 

This line from Liza Soberano's out-of-the-box short collab film truly resonates her latest big move after her major career shift - she joined Maya not just as their Brand Ambassador but also as the Chief Advocacy Officer of the digital banking app, Maya.

Even as Liza got the offer for this "corporate job", she revealed during the official launch that she was the one who asked Maya if the could have the job title after multiple times of meeting the Maya team and being aware of the company's advocacies and initiatives as they worked with her manager at Careless Music, James Reid.

As Brand Ambassador, Liza co-created Maya’s new marketing campaign, breaking the mold of traditional celebrity endorsements and changing the game for marketing financial services.  

As Chief Advocacy Officer, Liza will champion shared advocacies for financial inclusion with Maya and lead key initiatives. This starts with joint initiatives for Save The Children, the world’s leading independent organization for children, which Liza has been the ambassador of since 2021. At the same time, she will help drive the advocacy agenda within Maya from their product roadmap to company culture.  

With Maya, Liza finds herself in charge of an imaginative and meaningful partnership that ultimately drives financial empowerment and financial inclusion, especially with the youth. Liza’s collaboration with Maya also opens a new door for her as she finally gets the chance to be on the other end of the lights and cameras, co-creating the brand’s latest campaign. 

“The past year has given me an opportunity to reflect on what I want for my life and my career. And when it comes to brands, I’ve decided to be more intentional about my partnerships. I want to work with brands that resonate with me personally, with products I actually use, and with companies, I believe in,” Liza shares.  

“I’m excited for everyone to level up their banking experience with me through Maya because I love using their app. On top of that, working with Maya truly feels like a level up for me – it’s a joy to collaborate with them creatively, and I’m excited for the professional challenge of becoming their Chief Advocacy Officer,” she adds.  

“There’s no greater partner for Maya than Liza,” says Maya’s Chief Marketing Officer Pepe Torres. He continues, “Liza resonates with Maya’s values of defiance and optimism. She has defied conventions for Filipino actresses and taken her career into a bold new direction, reshaping what it means to be successful for this generation. And she lives with optimism, knowing she can use her personal platform to advocate for meaningful change. We are thrilled to embark on this meaningful collaboration and journey of empowering Filipinos to do banking their way alongside Liza, who is as much a game-changer as Maya.” 

Watch Liza’s first short film collab with Maya here:

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