vivo V27 Series’ Aura Light Portrait System may revolutionize smartphone photography

vivo gears up to release yet another promising contender in their V series line - the iteration of the vivo V25 Series, the vivo V27 Series dubbed as the #TheAuraPortraitMaster.

The new series is said to include a one-of-a-kind camera feature that seemingly allows users to have a studio-like experience on their smartphone.

With vivo’s history of successful launches, it is expected that this new feature will be just as functional and stylish following the direction of its predecessor, combining powerful and versatile camera features in a light weight build.

What we know so far

vivo is said to pack this latest series of smartphones with a built-in ring light called the aura light. This replaces the usual camera flash and makes portrait shots clearer and more natural-looking.

This feature would give images a soft light similar to what is achieved in photos done in professional studio setups. Allowing photos and videos to get illumination that enhances facial features, making the subject's skin look luminous.

Continuing their tradition of working with pioneers in imaging as they did with ZEISS for the vivo X80 Series, they're said to have worked with SONY to create customized ultra-sensing sensors to ensure high-quality images even in low light or dark settings.

The customized sensor not only produces brighter images but also has Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), resulting in more stable photographs and better in-action shots.

The vivo V27 series is also expected to pack an EIS+OIS Hybrid Imaging Stabilization feature found in their higher-end devices to minimize out-of-angle and shaky videos.

There's also word that the V27 will also have a 50MP HD front camera with an upgraded auto-focus feature that captures the subject’s face with greater accuracy and speed, ensuring clear photographs each time.

Signature vivo features to expect

The Photochromic 2.0 technology remains a staple in the V series and is predicted to be paired with a slim and flat frame design. The vivo V27 series will be lightweight and handy with an ergonomic grip, perfect for on-the-go users who relish making the most of spontaneous moments.     

Based on the V series’ "less is more" design philosophy, these new additions will likely follow their simple yet elegant approach on their case design along with a minimalist rear camera layout.

Excited to have the new studio device in your pocket? Follow vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages to get the latest updates about the new vivo V27 series. 

Andre Ibarle

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