Samsung launches 2023 Lineup of WindFree Air Conditioners

With the abundance of air conditioner options in the market, it's really hard to find the ideal one that matches our preferences.

These days, you can control or even schedule smart air conditioners from your phone, or even leave it up to AI to work its magic in optimizing your room’s perfect temperature.

But with Samsung’s 2023 line up of WindFree Air Conditioners, there’s probably one that would fit each individual's wants and needs.

Here are some highlights for each WindFree air conditioner:

WindFree Inverter

The WindFree Inverter provides the basic needs but is fully equipped with innovative features. This machine cools the room without direct air with WindFree Technology. Plus, it delivers powerful cooling without emptying the bank with its WindFree Cooling, saving up to 77% in energy.

WindFree SmartThings

The WindFree SmartThings Inverter allows you to control your AC and monitor energy saving. Using your smartphone, accessing cooling comfort can be done with your fingertips. Continuously adjusting the settings will also not be a hassle with its AI Auto Cooling Technology that analyzes usage patterns and room conditions for best results.

WindFree Bespoke

For those looking to minimize the look of the appliances in your room, the WindFree Bespoke is your best bet. This blends in with modern and minimal interiors in brand new stylish colors, Midnight Black, Morning Blue, and Metallic Silver.
It’s packed with features which includes WindFree Technology, Digital Inverter, SmartThings, AI Auto Cooling, in a Bespoke aesthetic.

WindFree ActivClean

Looking to streamline your appliances? The WindFree ActivClean is an aircon and purifier in one. Cleaning in two ways to keep both your aircon and the air clean through AI Auto Clean and Air Purifier PM 1.0 Filter. This model allows better cooling and lets us sleep more comfortably keeping the air 99% clean and safe.

WindFree Cassette

For those looking for an industrial or commercial AC for their space, the WindFree Cassette is Samsung's contender. Its 4-Way Cassette provides fast cooling in wide areas with its large louver blades. With WindFree mode enabled, this can effortlessly maintain the set and optimized temperature of the room.

And with Motion Detect Sensors, it makes for energy efficient operation and customized air flow. On the other hand, the 1-Way Cassette stays cool without direct wind, with cool air gently dispersing through micro holes. It also features a large louver blade, designed to maximize coverage and cool the room quickly.

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