Get all the feels with Netflix' 'Seasons' starring Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino

Can a boy and a girl really just be friends and not fall for each other? 

Pretty sure a lot of people can relate to Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino's upcoming film, Seasons, which premieres on Netflix this July 7

The streaming platform just released the film's trailer, where we can see Lovi and Carlo as best friends Charlie and Kurt who claim to just have a platonic relationship and take risks to look for love. 

But after failed attempts, could they possibly find it in each other? Make sure to watch the film to find out!

For now, get hyped and watch the trailer here: 

Seasons is directed by Easy Ferrer and written by Dwein Baltazar.

Apple Gamboa

Apple has two decades of writing under her belt - from school papers to show scripts, and now tech and lifestyle. When she's not writing, Apple is taking snapshots and videos of moments that are hard to put into words. Or you'll find her diving into arts and theater, building homes in The Sims, or watching crime series.

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