HONOR unveils four-layer AI Architecture featuring HONOR 200 Series at VivaTech 2024

HONOR made a significant debut at VivaTech, Europe’s premier tech showcase, unveiling its Four-layered AI Strategy emphasizing on-device AI commitment.

CEO George Zhao announced upcoming Gen-AI experiences with Google Cloud for new smartphones. Zhao highlighted, "At HONOR, we harness on-device AI for personalization, intuitiveness, and privacy, collaborating with Google Cloud to deliver seamless AI experiences."

HONOR's Four-Layer AI Architecture includes Cross-device and Cross-OS AI for an open ecosystem, Platform-level AI for personalized OS interactions, App-level AI for innovative applications, and Interface to Cloud-AI services ensuring extensive yet private cloud access.

Bringing Magic to User Experience with  MagicOS 8.0 and Magic Portal

The industry’s first intent-based UI that understands user behavior and streamlines complex tasks into single-step processes are just some of the notable powers of the MagicOS 8.0 featuring Magic Portal.

The Magic Portal is currently supporting 100 top applications across travel, productivity, messaging, search, entertainment, shopping, and social media, but will continue to expand to provide even more seamless and intelligent AI experiences.

Revolutionized Portrait Photography with HONOR 200 Series

Inspired from Studio Harcourt’s legendary portrait photography techniques, the HONOR 200 Series uses AI to replicate the studio’s iconic lighting and shadow effects, ensuring studio-quality portraits with every shot.

The HONOR 200 Series was launched in Paris on June 12.

Andre Ibarle

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